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Weddings are special. You are special.

Your wedding will be incredible.

So why settle for ordinary when you can have MoreThan special

If you're reading this then there's a good chance that either you, a friend or a family member is planning a wedding in the future.

And we know you want the perfect partners for your special day to capture the story of the day and provide you with memories that will last forever.

So let us answer a few of the questions you probably already have and see if we fit the day you're dreaming of.

Q: What is MoreThan a wedding photographer?

A: That's easy.......TWO photographers!! We we created MoreThan we wanted to bring the best of our skills, experience and attitude together to offer an unbeatable combination.

Q: How long do you stay for?

A: All day. Usually until around midnight, because we know that although every wedding is unique, they also follow a similar pattern. Preparation, Service, Reception & then the PARTY! So, how could anyone say they've captured your wedding day if they leave straight after the reception. Or dive out after the first dance? We know that you want to see your friends and family celebrating with you, for the WHOLE day and especially get to see your friends relaxed and happy the way you know them best.

Q: What is your style?

A: Relaxed and in the background. Personally, we are not fans of anyone pointing a camera at us as saying SMILE. We feel awkward and uncomfortable. So why would we ever think of doing that to anyone else?? Yes, there are times when we need to encourage people to pose, like family groups etc, but we prefer to do that with some bad dad jokes and wiggling eyebrows (you have to see it to believe it) so we get pictures of people relaxed and smiling, forgetting about the camera. Throughout the day we try to hang back and let people be themselves, capturing and documenting the day, not turning it into our photoshoot.

Q: So, we won't see or hear you all day then?

A: Oh, you'll see us a LOT. We are like the relaxed parents our Brides & Grooms. We bring a smile and experience to our weddings. After all, when you've been to as many weddings as we have, you pick up quite a few tips and tricks along the way. The photographer is usually the only person at a wedding who is there for every single moment, so we ask you when you'd like moments to occur and then gently work with everyone to make your day happen the way you want it. From discreetly arranging with caterers for timings to have everyone ready to eat, to helping you pick the best time to throw the bouquet and especially being there to calmly and helpfully be around to help and advise everyone on getting ready in the morning so it all comes together at just the right time.

Q: Sounds good, do you have any other special tricks?

A: Well, how many other photographers do you know who bring a complete make up & sewing kit with them? When we work on a wedding, we like to know we have everything on hand throughout the day for any little challenges. And we make sure you know that you can relax and not have to worry, just enjoy your special day.

Q: Wow, that IS more than just photos. Anything else?

A: Absolutely. We have our own 360 Photo Booth, our own wonder walls, plus we have made quite a few friends "in the trade" over the years who we can introduce you to or coll on to help. From cakes to candles, DJs to decorators, we know people we've worked with who we can rely on to provide the same commitment and quality service for your special day that we would want ourselves.

Q: OK, that all sounds good, but what about our Bride & Groom photos?

A: We know that obviously you will want photos of yourselves on the day, after all it is about capturing those special memories. But we also know that you will want to spend as much time as you can with your guests. That's why we offer an option for no additional cost, to meet after your day to capture some stunning photos of just yourselves. It really is the best of both worlds. You get perfect memories on the day and then you can chose times and places which suit you (and the weather) o take the extra time to create some truly unique and stunning wedding images together.

Q: We love it! But what about after the wedding, how do we get to see our photos?

A: We try to get you a few images within 24 hrs, because we know in today's world a lot of people like to see and share some visual memories as soon as they can. After that it normally takes 3-4 weeks for all your photos to be edited and posted into your own private gallery online. Once they are in there, you can download them for yourselves and share the link and password to as many of you friends and family as you'd like, so they can download their favourites as well. Then you simply choose your favourites for us to create your albums with.

Q: Tell me more about those albums?

A: Our extended package includes 3 albums, all of which can include different images or can be the same. We chose to include 3 for a simple reason, it means one for the Bride & Groom and one each for each of your families. We can also produce more if you'd like, for a small additional charge. Those albums are all the same high quality, large (30cm x 30cm) pieces. We know some people offer "parent" albums with the main Bride & Groom one but those are usually just smaller versions of the same album. We think that's not quite special enough for our clients, so we are happy to give a little More Than and create bespoke pieces.

Q: That all sounds perfect, exactly what we want. What about booking?

A: Booking couldn't be simpler, just book a time and day to pop in to have a chat in person as we can fill out the form with you. We like to meet all of our clients and have a chat in person to make sure we are the best possible fit for you. That's why unlike many people, we go out of our way to suggest you speak to as many photographers as you can. We want your day to be as special as it can be, which means we want you to choose the people who fit best with you. We'd love that to be us, but we're More Than, and we want nothing More Than the best for you.

After our meeting, you'll receive an email confirming the booking, date and location. Then about 10 days before the special day you'll receive an invite to come back in for another chat to just go through all the details one last time. By then, pretty much everything should be finalised and we'll be able to work through the fine details with you before seeing you again the morning you become Mr & Mrs. In between, if you have any questions you are always welcome to email or pop in to see us for a chat.

Q: OK, we're sold in principle, but, how much?

A:  Our standard wedding package is £1250 which includes all day coverage, edited high quality images and a Bride & Groom photo day. Our extended package includes all those plus three beautiful albums as well and that's still only £1500.

Q: Wow, that's great! Is there anything else?

A: We wouldn't be More Than if there weren't a couple more things.

The first thing is probably a little surprising........we want you to go and speak to as many other photographers as you can. There's no trick or catch, we believe that we provide a brilliant service for all of our clients, but we genuinely do want you to have the best day possible. So that's why we want you to find the people you fit best with and trust the most to capture your special day. We'd love it to be us, but if not, we just want you to be happy.
As professional photographers we are wholly insured for our work, including third party liability. Often venues are asking for couple to make sure that anyone they have working at their wedding are insured, so it's always worth asking any photographer or professional wedding supplier if they have the necessary insurance. We're both DBS cleared and consider ourselves definitely "X" friendly.

X is anything and everything because we take the view that people are people, not labels.

If you can't tell, we love weddings!!

Seeing the special smiles on people's faces as they share an incredible moment with their loved ones, friends and family, gives us a sense of happiness and satisfaction that we just don't find elsewhere.

But let's face it, if you don't love a wedding why else would you choose to spend over 12 hours smiling and enjoying every moment.

We genuinely delight in making sure you have the most special day you can, free to create memories with all your loved ones. We see ourselves as guests, our role to capture those special moments discretely, not be the center of attention.

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